Thursday, July 4, 2013

Origins of leading electronic voting companies

Technology has been the starting point for several leading companies in the world seeking to innovate in the elections, with the firm intention of strengthening democracy and offering citizens solutions to participate in the electoral processes.

The Philippines, India, the United States, Belgium and Estonia have benefited from electronic voting technology to make their way on the road to elections automation and digital democracy.

The governments of those nations have seen these technology companies as allies to modernize their democratic processes. Indra Company, Smartmatic, Scytl, and Election Systems & Software (ES & S), leading companies in the field of elections.

Having participated in elections around the world, these companies face day by day detractors who seek to generate controversies about their origins and the place where they were founded, with the simple intention of distorting or generating opinion arrays that mitigate the confidence in the election results.

Although its founding countries are clearly established: Indra Company and Scytl are of Spanish origin with their headquarters in the same country, ES & S was founded and operates in the United States, as well as Smartmatic which was registered in Delaware, United States and currently has its Headquarters in London, on several occasions have been awarded other origins based on the countries where they have held elections; or the nationality of its founders.

From this issue, it is clear that this type of controversy is only generated with a main objective: to divert attention from issues that are important for democracy and the social development of countries, citizen participation and the power voters have to decide who will be in their governments.