Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can E-Voting Encourage Better Voter Turnout Among Young People?

Real Democracy Now Brighton Source: everystock.com 
Voter apathy has always been a problem. It has become increasingly difficult to motivate the electorate and get them interested in politics and plans and everything that is at stake. One demographic in particular has consistently been difficult to engage: youth. This includes the demographic group with voters up to and even beyond 30 years of age.

However, with the adoption an automation of electoral voting systems and other well planned communication strategies, it is possible to encourage greater voter turnout among this important demographic.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Case Studies of Internet-Based Electronic Voting in Canada

Source: Elections Canada
Electronic voting systems can take on many different forms. Some only involve the electronic counting of paper ballots. Others use touchscreen voting terminals. Taking another monumental leap forward is the concept of Internet-based electronic voting. This can free up resources, be more cost effective, and be more accessible since voters never have to leave the comfort of their homes and offices.

Internet voting appears to be picking up in popularity in many parts of the world and one country that is gradually adopting it more and more is Canada. Here are a few examples.

British Columbia Liberal Leadership

In early 2011, the Liberal Party of British Columbia held its leadership vote by using technology from a phone and Internet voting company. To help ensure that the ballots were accurate and free of fraud, the voting members each received a PIN code that would provide them with voting access, not unlike a normal voter registration process. Votes could then be cast online or by telephone.